1) Who are we?


Shareityworld is a small newly founded charity organization. We cooperate with larger established organizations and focus on specially adapted charity projects, which are financed via crowdfunding.

The collected means are allocated directly to the projects. No middle men. No “black holes”.  

And we have our niche: Besides helping people in distress, we want to provide for life’s little extras, for receivers as well as for donors. Every day. And we feel some extra compassion for those working with charity on the field.

It can be:

1. Something funny and surprising.

2. Something that will bring happiness to all involved.

3. Something extraordinary.


We aim to do the world a little:

√ Brighter

√ Nicer

√ Warmer

√ Funnier

We are a Sweden-based foundation and have to follow the strict Swedish regulations for fund-raising charity foundations. But we are working all over the world.