4 steps


We will do this:
Step 1 Setting up groups
As a first step in Hand in Hand´s working method we will create Self-Help Groups, typically made up of women. They are educated about the dynamics of the goup, the importance of saving and keeping a budget. Hand in Hand will teach them to read, write and calculate, if needed. An important social community will be created in the groups, where people support each other and work together towards common and distinct targets.

Steg 2 Education in entrepreneurship
The women are educated in entrepreneurship, financing and marketing. After this, the education is focused on how to start and operate a business. The skills of the different group members will be analyzed to find suitable trades or directions, e.g. growing of vegetables, tayloring business, bakery, beauty parlour or bike workshop.

Step 3 Financing
Right from the start, the members start saving small amounts – for themselves and for the goup as a whole. Should anyone need a loan beyond the group´s own savings, we will help them to contact a serious institute for micro-loans. The loans must only be used in the women´s businesses, never for consumption. The repayment rate is nearly 100% based on earlier experience and many members come back later on to take new loans to expand their businesses.

Step 4 Expansion
When the business is up and running, Hand in Hand´s business coaches assist with issues like distribution, quality, packing and expansion.  Should the businesses want to go outside their local marketplaces, there is a higher requirement on quality and delivery. Hand in Hand often helps businesses to build up resources for an expansion outside their traditional marketplace. Sometimes they also help groups of businesses from one region to commonly introduce their products on new marketplaces.

Thanks to the businesses, the members of the self-help-groups can increase their families´ income considerably. As a result they can send their children to school, have enough to eat every day and buy medicin when some family member gets ill. When women get an income, it helps to give them a stronger and more equal role in the family as in the society.

You will do this:
Share the project with everyone on your social media. All of you buy T-shirts, donate money and buy diplomas together. Doing it together is a treat!

And this is how simple it is!

On our Facebook page we will inform you continously about the project, the economy and the progresses that will take place in the village. When finished you will

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