8) How is my money spent?

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We don’t decide ourselves which projects in our list will be financed. It´s up the donors. Once a project is fully financed we will go ahead with it.

  • We establish a budget for each charity project.
  • We allocate and display a fixed cost for accomplishing the project and a fixed cost for our administration.

Then anyone can check for themselves and decide if they think the amounts are reasonable or not. In this way, donors can decide where their money benefits the most.

Once this is done, we pay our partner. Our partner, who is the owner of the project, will realize it. However, we will always follow our projects at the site and account for the economy until they are completed.
When donating money, it is allocated to the charity project you selected.
When buying our products, the main part is allocated to pay production costs and freight charges. The project receives the surplus.