Imagine the nice feeling when you go to bed at night and you know that thanks to you, we managed to drill that well in a village in Mali. Fresh water for the whole village. Your names are engraved for ever on the memorial plaque beside the well. You are not only a hero to us, but also to all the people around you. And as important as any to the receivers.
To them you are a real hero!

Shareityworld is a small newly founded charity organization. We cooperate with larger established organizations and focus on specially adapted charity projects, which are financed via crowdfunding.

The collected means are allocated directly to the projects. No middle men. No “black holes”.

– We focus on financing projects. Small, distinct, manageable and well defined.

– We manage each project from start to completion. We inform clearly and distinctively about the development of the project.

– You pick a project and inspire people around you with enthusiasm to participate. Together you finance the project.

– And when the project is completed, thanks to you, it is your success. And for sure, you are the hero of the recievers!

The best way of donating to charity is to do it together. Share it! It’s funnier! And it´s fantastic!

Imagine the workmates joining together to finance 10 years of tolerable life for a young lad in India. It will cost € 3106 and cover his childhood as well as his youth. That’s fantastic!

Or an intermediate level class joining together to pay one year’s teacher salary in a school in Afghanistan and buying a lap-top with Skype installed. Cost € 718 + € 570. That’s also fantastic!


Would you like have your own charity project? This is how you do it:

Find a charity project that you are interested in and invite as many people as possible to share with you:

Every Project is unique with it´s own link. And the fund-raising for each of them is completely separated from the others.

Share the project´s link with your friends.

This is a very important step. You are the one to inspire the funding and make it happen. It means lower administration costs, which in turn leads to more money for charity.

Each project also carries its own project number. So, when donating money or buying products from our web shop, you also choose which project you want to support. Go Here


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