Shareity Shares

You might own certificates (shares) in a charity project as well as you own shares in a company.
If you are a shareholder in a company you expect development, results and dividends. If you are a shareholder in a charity project, you expect the same thing. But in soft values.

Example 1: If you invest in a project where solar powered torches are distributed to a school in Africa, you expect that the students will increase their marks with 20%  in a couple of years´ time.

Example 2: If you invest in a project that initiates a school of entrepreneurship for women in India, you expect that at least 60% of the participating women will start their own companies so they can support themselves and their families.

The number of certificates depends on the size of the project. Normally there are 300 shares @ 67€ each. You buy as many shares you want. And you can give them away. Every  share will be sent to the owner.

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