Shareityworld is looking for cooperation partners

We are a small niched fund-raising foundation and we would like to help you in your charity work.

For sure! There are several fundraising sites on the internet. And you might be participating in many of them. But we distinguish ourselves by working in a different way. We manage complete detached projects and look for financiers to them. This might be done through announcements on our web page. Or we might arrange a golf tournament and collect means. We also have our own web shop.

We work with clearly defined projects. In our view, a project has

  • a clearly defined goal
  • a fixed time plan
  • a fixed cost budget

If you order a project from us, we will manage marketing and fund-raising for it. The means will be saved in a “90-konto” supervised by the Swedish public organization Svensk Insamlingskontroll (SI). When the project is financed, we will pay you to accomplish the agreed work. When finished we check that everything has been done and report back to our donors.
Our charity projects cover many different kinds of tasks. But we have a motto: To help people in distress and to provide for life´s little extras for the receivers as well as for the donors. Every day. And we feel some extra compassion for those working on the field. A contribution to them might be one project, well worth to go for.

What´s in it for you?
We give relief to the burden on your shoulders. We will get something done. Something that you might have postponed or wanted to do, but don´t have any means to do it at the moment. You will get free marketing via us. Exposure through our worldwide channels. We will open the eyes of even more donors for your work.

Please contact me.
Best regards,
Kjell Bovin
Founder of the fund-raising foundation Shareityworld